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10 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are oftentimes only touched during the hottest part of the year – only to be neglected for days on end. Consequently, dust collects on the top surface of each blade – but now your fan no longer has to just serve its purpose, but can look stylish too at the same time. These 10 creative ways to decorate your ceiling fan will show you how. 

1. Make A Chandelier.

We all want a place that looks classy AF – but sometimes that proves to be hard, especially when you’re ballin’ on a budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to wish for a fancy chandelier for much longer – but can instead DIY your own right from home. With a little bit of time, effort, and persistence, you’ll find that nobody can make your own personalized chandelier masterpiece quite like you can. In turn, this will make it all the more memorable – while dazzling up your ceiling fan in the process.  

10 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Ceiling Fan

2. Add A Trendy Lampshade.

Here’s one I bet you haven’t heard before – putting a lampshade over your fan’s light bulbs. Even though this might not be the trend for everyone, it still serves as a unique way to make your room stand out from the rest. This is especially true if the blades of your fan are already decked out because the lampshade will just serve as an added bonus – drawing more attention to the quirky display housed at the center of the room. Just make sure that it is secured tightly so that it doesn’t fall off and frighten you – or damage something below. 

3. Grab A Few Of Your Close Friends.

What better way is there to decorate your ceiling fan than with the company of a couple of friends. This will help you to get your fan done in half the time, and will also allow you to have a special design from them. The best part about this is that each of you can grab your own blade, and get to work. After you have all finished you can come back together and look at the masterpiece as a whole. 

4. Paint It All Together.

If you’re looking for a more permanent design than one thing that you can do is just paint the whole thing altogether; this will ensure that your design is here to stay. Fortunately, this works with the best with fan blades that are already white – allowing more free space for creativity. Just be sure that you are absolutely certain on what you are wanting to do because if you’re not then you might regret the finished product. Fortunately, if you’re passionate about art than this serves as a perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills while blaming out your fan in the process.

5. Place Mason Jars Over The Lights.

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic than placing a few of your old mason jars over each light might just serve as the perfect thing. Not only that, but this prevents you from letting those good jars go to waste – if you had planned on pitching it to the side, or trashing it altogether. The best part about this is that you don’t know how the light is going to peer in through the glass – making it a surprise all its own – which is solely dependent on the style of lightbulb that you have underneath. 

10 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Ceiling Fan

6. Add Colorful Lights To Each Blade.

Lights are beautiful, and when they are in motion they are even more so. In turn, you can add an array of colors to your room – by incorporating lights onto the blade of each fan. Not only that, but this can also create a calming feeling – when you flip off your switch before laying down to sleep – as look up in awe at the light show above your head. 

7. Add Bedazzle Or Rhinestones.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and anything that sparkles really. So why not spice up your ceiling fan with something that twinkles? In doing so – through the use of rhinestones, glitter, sequins, and whatever else you’ll find that your blades will reflect against the light. This will make for an even more chic display.

8. Focus On The Stem.

If you aren’t sure how you feel about making modifications to your fan as a whole – then try and start with just the stem. This is the part of the fan blade that connects the blade to everything else. Decorating these little branches not only adds a light accent – but gives you an opportunity to test the waters before you go all in. 

9. The Bolder The Better.

Don’t be afraid to be daring, and create a beautiful makeshift pattern for all of your fan blades. In doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy your own show up top – as you work on homework – and enjoy the comforts of your own home. Some examples of what you can do are polka dots, zig-zags, stripes, or even a combination of all three. The best part about it is that the more color you choose to incorporate, the cuter your fan will look, especially in rotation.

10 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Ceiling Fan

10. Make Blade Socks.

If you’re feeling really creative you can go as far as creating fan blade socks. In doing so, you can protect your fan from building up dirt, and can also incorporate a design onto each – which would only be temporary. In turn, you wouldn’t have to commit to just one design and could instead switch them out. All you would need for this is fabric, tools to measure your blade, a sewing machine, and whatever utensils you’d want to use for decorating.

You may have been worried about a plain fan before but now you don’t have to be. In turn, we hope that these 10 creative ways to decorate your ceiling fan help you in making your next trendy creation. Don’t forget to share – and let me know your favorites – in the comments below!

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