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10 Home Projects You Can Finally Complete

Home projects may not sound fun but the results will make you feel accomplished. Here are a few projects you can finally complete while you are quarantined in your home.

1. That Drawer

We all have that drawer, usually in the kitchen, that is filled with random things. In my random drawer, I have chargers to things that I don’t know what they go to. I have random remotes, batteries, pictures, receipts, screws, and so much more. Cleaning out this drawer would make looking for those random things a lot easier since most of the things inside can be tossed in the garbage.

Home Project

2. Tupperware Cupboard

I own so many Tupperware containers, all different sizes, and colors. Sometimes when I make a meal for others I may give just the bowl and not the lid. Other times I cannot find the lid to the bowl I am looking for.  So now my cupboard has many lids and bowls that don’t match. If you have the same struggle, we can do this project. This is a perfect home project to complete in my extra free time. Take out all the Tupperware from the cupboard and pair them together and whatever is leftover just throw it out. This may take time but in the long run, will make grabbing a Tupperware in the future a breeze.

Home Project

3. Get That Closet

Use this time to complete your home project and clean out your closet. We all have clothes in our closet that we haven’t worn in forever. It may be that the clothes that are too big or too small. It’s not just clothes, shoes too. You may have some shoes you haven’t worn in a while. Take out all of your clothes and shoes from your closet. Vacuum it out. Only put back what fits. Make a pile of those clothes and shoes that no longer fit and donate them. Someone needs them more than you do. My favorite home projects are those that I can complete and also help out someone else.

Home Project

4. Clean Out the Vents

Like really clean out the vents. The amount of dust you find will be a shocker. Don’t use water when you clean because the dust will just smear creating another mess. I prefer to use a dry paper towel or a dusting brush. To really clean the vents, unscrew the vents and soak them in hot soapy water. Once you’re done cleaning the vents replace the filter with a new one. This home project is not going to be a quick one but it’s very beneficial. Cleaning your vents increases how well the air and heat flow throughout your home.

Home Project

5. Pictures on the Wall

This home project is great to dust the pictures currently on your wall or even rearrange them. I don’t know about you but I have several empty picture frames that need to be put to use. This will be a good home project to give you more space by putting those unused frames up and to make your walls look fresh. You can also take this time to take down old pictures to put up new ones. This project doesn’t stop at photos you can also take this time to rearrange wall hangings. If you want to change your wall completely take down all the photos and wall hangings and put up new wallpaper. The project is time-consuming but the results will be fabulous.

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6. Furniture

Take this time to rearrange your furniture. Move your couch or armchair to the center of your living room. Buy an area rug to match your need wall hangings. Find different ways to brighten up the room by moving lamps around or purchasing new ones. Replace that desk lamp with a floor lamp or vis versa. When moving furniture around this is a good time to vacuum that new empty space and wipe down the baseboards.

Home Project

7. Put Up Curtains

This project can be completed in all the rooms in your home or just a select few. You don’t have to get the same curtains. Spice up the room with some retro curtains. Curtains are important one of the first things that people see when they enter your home. If you don’t have curtains now is a good time to install some, you just need some curtain rod, tools, and some curtains.

Home Project

8. Plant Some Flowers

Got a green thumb or not, this may be a home project you may want to try. The appearance of your yard can say a lot about your home. So stop neglecting your yard and spruce it up a bit. Planting some pretty colorful flowers will definitely spruce up your yard. This will only take about an hour or so but the results will make your home beautiful on the inside and out, it will look like a brand new home.

Home Project

9. Clean Under Your Bed

This will be like a treasure hunt, except you don’t know what you’re going to find. The easiest way to clean under your bed is to move your bed, that way you will have access to everything that’s underneath it. This will also be a good time to clean up any dust you may find. Get your vacuum to clean up small trash that may have collected.

Home Project

10. Power Wash

After you power wash you will be surprised at all the dirt that your house and driveway collect. You should power wash your home at least once a year. I power washed my house and it was a lot whiter than I thought it was. It definitely brings curb appeal to the neighborhood. Power washing my house makes it looks like it received a new paint job. Besides making the outside of your home more appealing, power wash also adds value to your home.
Home Project

Home projects are a great way to stay busy and give your home a little love. Comment below on projects you have completed so far.

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