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How to Make Your Home Ready For Springtime

It’s finally springtime. The last snowflakes have fallen, turning into the April showers to help those May flowers bloom. Mother Nature has her way of decorating for the equinox; the sun starting to peak out, trees growing new leaves, and the many kinds of flowers blooming from every which way in every color imaginable. The daffodils as bright as the sun, the bright purple lilacs and crocuses that shine like the northern lights, and everything in between are all beautiful. Why not do that for your own living space? Here are the many ways to get your home, whether it be a house, an apartment, or even your dorm room, ready for springtime.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers

This first springtime décor idea kind of goes without saying. It’s the time of year where flowers get their fresh start, their time to blossom. They come in many different colors that complement the many others that nature has to offer for the season of fresh starts. Get a cute little ceramic or glass flowerpot to put by the windowsill, or as a centerpiece for the dinner table. If that’s too monotonous for you, then there’s always the option of hanging paper crepe flowers on the walls or even placing a garland wherever you choose to lighten up a room.

How to Make Your Home Ready For Springtime


The typical colors associated with springtime are the pastel shades of blue, yellow, green, purple and pink. Even brighter shades such as tangerine and golden yellow help liven up the brightness the spring equinox provides in the shift from the winter. This includes the transition from the darker and bolder colors connected with winter and the holidays. If you want to go all out, there’s no saying you can’t paint at least one wall of your house any of these colors. If not, or if your living space prohibits changing the colors of the walls. . .

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Various fruits have their own month when they’re in season. Early springtime sees pineapple, apricots, cherries, and strawberries while the shifting from spring to summer sees watermelon, kiwis, and mangoes. Such distinct colors in each one, putting together a cute display could blend in with the color palette in your room of choice. And it doesn’t have to be just the centerpiece of your dining room table. It can be the design of choice for a wall tapestry in your bedroom or even the common room.

How to Make Your Home Ready For Springtime

Spring Cleaning

A clean house really is a happy house. And with the levels of Vitamin D coming from the sun, you’re bound to get a lot more energy than you would in the cold, grey winter. So grab those rubber gloves and that bottle of cleaner and get cleaning. And not just the floors and countertops. I’m talking every single corner of your living space; the windows, the bathtub, the toilet, even under the refrigerator. Getting rid of all that dirt, grime, and clutter really will give the same effect to your mindset as it does for your living space. Just getting it done feels good on its own.

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Fairy Lights

This next décor idea really isn’t just for the holidays anymore. Any and every season could use that little bit of sparkle. They come in many different colors and can either hang still or flicker on the walls to literally make the room sparkle, depending on the theme of your room of choice. If your theme is green, you can either brighten the room with green lights circling the room or complement it with white/yellow lights.

How to Make Your Home Ready For Springtime

Green plants

Going back to the topic of colors, the one that’s commonly associated with the warmer seasons is the many shades of green. Decorate your house, dorm, or apartment with any of the lovely green things that springtime has to offer, from the fresh leaves sprouting from the trees, to the many varieties of cacti sprouting a cute yellow flower. If you want to spice up the greens, even more, there’s always the option of hanging artificial vines on the walls, either with flowers or without.

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Anything with birds

What can bring more life to springtime aside from the flowers is the birds that we greet after a long migration from the south. Their beauty and the songs that come with them are the main reason as to why springtime is as astonishing as it is. Ideas include the many variations of wall decal stickers, a ceramic hanging piece, or even an ornament for the dining area.

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Scented candles

Another idea that can fit with any season, this is a good time to switch out any candles that might resemble the colder times with the many floral and fruity scents you can choose from. Sometimes just the look and feel of comfort in your living space, which is why candles are as great of a décor idea as it is useful to give it that extra soothing feeling. Replace the scents of cedar and balsam with fresh-cut lilacs. Or, switch that winter cranberry with tropical pineapple or mango. The best part is the many places you can get one (or two, or five) from their expanding collections.

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This is one of the many clothing trends that shines the most in the springtime because it gives any look that extra bit of life as we transition from winter to spring.  but who says this just has to be for what you wear? Give your home that same shine by adding ruffle patterns in a nifty throw pillow or by switching out your bedspread or dining room set.

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Trade warm blankets for light throws

The warmer weather starts to roll in around this time of year. And, as comfy as fluffy throw blankets/pillows are, it may not be the fittest for springtime. Instead, consider a light throw for your sofa or your bedroom that still gives that same pizazz. Fabric choices include, but are not limited to, a lighter fleece, knit, wool, or cotton. If you’re wondering about what color would suit the springtime, I would refer you to the section about the colors that help amplify it.

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Which of these springtime ideas would bring the same kind of in your home the budding sunshine brings for Mother Nature? Let me know in the comments below!

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