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Tricks About Closet Organizing

Here are a few tricks to organizing your closet to make the most out of the space that you have. Closet organizing is one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish because of the number of things we store in them year-round that we do not want to deal with at the moment. At some point, the closet gets stuffed with so much that you have to give in and clean out the closet. These tricks will help you get to the functional closet.

What Do You Really Need???

If you are really honest with yourself, there are somethings in your closet that you can part with. We all have close in our closet that we are never going to wear again, shoes, that can be thrown out, or paper that is no longer useful you. Even though you are not going to want to do this, but take everything out of your closet to access what you have. If that does not sound exciting, turn on the t.v. and watch your favorite show movie and get the work done. If you are like me, know already know all the parts of your favorite show, so it is a great distraction of the pain it. You could turn on your favorite music and listen to it why you work. Whatever you have to do to help you get in the mood of cleaning out your closet than do it.

Tips for the disposal of unwanted things: If you have clothes that are in good condition that someone else can wear, then, by all means, donate them to someone in need. If you are a person who needs to make some extra cash, then you could sell them at a local clothing location that buys back clothes. There may be someone actually close to you who may need clothes. Just ask, you may never know what someone may need. Paper is sometimes a tricky item to get rid of because there can be important information within the paper. It is crucial to look through all the documents before you just dump it in the trash. One way to destroy the information is to shred it. You do not need a shredder to shred. There is a location that you can drop off materials, and a company comes and securely shred the information. It is up to you, but this is an option.

Once you have everything cleared out and decided on the things that you are going to want to keep, it is time to figure out the best was to utilize the space that you have. During this process, you might be finding yourself getting rid of more items or coming up with unique ways to be able to get everything in your closet. This is your chance to make everything functional, making it easier to access and find what you are looking for.

Organizes Your Shoes

Closet organizing takes some time to get everything you want, just the way that you want it. I recommend that you start with organizing your shoes first because it gets them out of your way and makes it less likely for you to step on them and hurt yourself. There are several ways that you can organize your shoes; it just depends on what method works best for you. You can purchase a shoe organizer that you can hang on the door. It is straightforward to set up but does have some limitations to the types of shoes you can place in them. If you have a large selection of boots, then they will not fit. You can still use this option for tennis shoes, flats, heels, dress shoes, and sandals. You will just need to find another way to store your shoes. If it is not a lot of them, you could just place them on the floor under your clothes.

Another option is to get a storage shoe to organize that you can place on the floor and add your shoes too. They are usually easy to set up and keeps your shoes visible and easy to find precisely what you are looking for when you need them. This option gives you more options for storage, no matter what kind of shoes you want to store in the closet. These closet organizing tools will have your closet looking better in no time.

Tricks About Closet Organizing

Organize Your Accessories

Depending on the type of person will dictate the number of accessories you own. Never the less they need to be organized as well to making them easy to find when you need them. If you have a large selection of belts or handbags or scarves, then you would benefit from an over the door hook rack will be an excellent closet organizing tool. It will allow you the space to hang the items and keep them off the floor. If you are a person that does not like handing your pocketbooks because it is wearing down the strap, then they make cubs you cab stand the purses in to relive the stress on the straps.

Tricks About Closet Organizing

Hangers Saving Space

Having a lot of clothes gives you a lot of options to choose from when deciding on something to wear. Sometimes having so many clothes can limit the amount of free space available to use within the closet. One way to solve this problem is to get a hanger saver. It allows you to gain some of your much need space back. You might find enough space to add more clothes to your clothing with a shopping spree. It is up to you with what you want to do with the extra space.

Tricks About Closet Organizing


Bins and Baskets are great closet organizers because you can place everything you can not find a place for. If you have a lot of losing jewelry, you can place them in an in a bin and place it on a shelf. Towels are often hard to find a location for in a closet. A basket could help with making them identifiable when you are looking for one. Another way that a bin or basket can be helpful if you do not have a dresser and need somewhere to place you under clothes. Placing them in a container will help keep your undergarments together. The bins/baskets are great because you can place them pretty much anywhere in the closet that has a flat surface.

Tip: Label the baskets and bins because it will make it easier to find what you are looking for. It also helps to make your closet look more organized because you are placing your items in a location that will be beneficial to you.

Tricks About Closet Organizing

Tell us what closet organizing tool helps you the most in the comments!

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